About us

Green Dinner Table aims to empower people to make positive changes to their health and environment through a plant-based diet.




Green Dinner Table is a Christchurch-based company run by Tom Riley and Cole Stacey. Both Tom and Cole share a passion for healthy and sustainable food. Committed to being as environmentally-friendly as possible, Green Dinner Table uses recyclable and biodegradable products, where possible.

They are proud to support local growers and food producers. Green Dinner Table strives to use in season produce when designing their delicious weekly menus.

Green Dinner Table is excited to be working out of the historic British Hotel in Lyttelton. Together, they helped breathe some new life into the old quake-worn building.

Tom Riley

Tom was born and raised right here in Christchurch. He became interested in the chef’s life after reading Orwell’s prolific novel, Down and Out in Paris and London. Tom earned his culinary certification at Ara (formerly CPIT). Yet, it was at home that Tom learnt a lot about plant-based cuisine – thanks to his steadfastly vegan wife.

Tom started his cooking career as a dishwasher in Christchurch. He worked his way up through various roles in the kitchens of Sydney and Edinburgh before leading a team of his own at one of the busiest cafes in Toronto. Inspired by ingredients and techniques, Tom is passionate about sharing his love for good food with anyone lucky enough to taste what he’s prepared.

Tom’s proud to be back in Christchurch during this exciting time of growth for the city. He and his wife welcomed their second child at the beginning of March.


Cole Stacey

Born in Christchurch, Cole has always had a passion for health and fitness. After travelling for several years through North America and Europe, he decided to return home and pursue a career in Nursing. After graduating from CPIT, Cole started work as a Registered Nurse in the department of Intensive Care.

Cole saw first-hand the damage that lifestyle disease can do while working in ICU and as a volunteer Ambulance Officer. Particularly, New Zealand’s number one killer – heart disease. It was two major events coinciding, his father requiring quintuple by-pass surgery and the birth of his first child, that really made him re-think his ideas around healthy eating.

After evaluating the available research, he adopted a plant-based diet to support his father in doing so. He’s now passionate about making people aware that they can take ownership of their own health through healthy eating and exercise.