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Ananda hot dog with dill pickle kraut, and BBQ sauce on a pretzel bun with creamy potato celery salad Ancho lentil tacos with pico de gallo and avocado Asparagus and lemony tomato pasta with black pepper Parmesan Asparagus Caesar salad Asparagus spaghetti with capers and leek cream Asparagus, brown rice and zucchini mujadara with white bean hummus Asparagus, pear and peanut salad with crispy Szechuan tofu Autumn Bowl with sauerkraut, brown rice, roast beetroot, hummus and gremolata


B.A.L.T. Baby root vegetables with brown rice, cavolo nero mujadara and white bean hummus Bacon loaded baked potato, tomato avocado salad with a kick Bangers and mash with mushroom gravy and garlic green beans Bangkok noodles with pak choi, cherry tomatoes and holy basil infused soy BBQ mushroom and bean loaf with mash, gravy and Brussels sprouts BBQ pulled jackfruit burger with smashed potatoes Becca’s anytime burrito, spinach, white bean, tofu scramble, avocado and salsa Beet and apple soup Beet and roast kale salad, pomergranate yoghurt, almonds and mint Black bean and beetroot burger with spinach salad Black bean and garlic mushroom tacos with chipotle yoghurt Black bean and kumara taco with tamarillo and avocado Black bean greens with brown rice Black lentil and swiss chard linguine with parmesan fried breadcrumbs Black pepper tofu with charred Brussels sprouts and green tea soba noodles Bombay potatoes and cavolo nero with achar sauce, yoghurt and flat breads Borscht with dill yoghurt and rye bread Braised leek and roast mushroom penne with preserved lemon cream Braised pumpkin and chickpeas with preserved lemon harissa and brown rice Brown rice with kumara, almond and marinated feta salad Buffalo tofu sliders with caramelised onion slaw and lemony beans Butternut squash and garlic kidney bean tacos with herb and chili yoghurt and home fries


Carrot and coriander soup with walnut chorizo and Vic’s multi grain Cauliflower alfredo with mushrooms and peas Cauliflower and Canterbury walnut soup with walnutty oil and Bellbird sourdough Cauliflower and white bean chilli with organic quinoa and sour cream Cauliflower bahn mi with pickled cabbage, coriander and sriracha mayo Cauliflower gratin with Springfed Organic greens Cauliflower musallam with fenugreek yoghurt, coriander and basmati rice Cauliflower steaks with garlic lentils, baby kale and herb yoghurt Celeriac soup with pumpkin and kale salad Chana masala with basmati rice, cucumber, vine ripe tomatoes and lime pickle Chilaquiles with red sauce, avocado, bean salsa and Angel Foods cheddar Chipotle chili loaded baked potatoes with slaw Chocolate and Cherry Bread and Butter Pudding Christmas Breakfast 2018 Christmas Day Feast 2018 Citrus roasted fennel pappardelle, hazelnuts and broccoli Corn & roast chickpea slaw, BBQ tempeh and sunflower ranch sauce Corn fritters with GDT sweet chili, wedge salad and cumin lime dressing Creamy cauliflower dahl with anardana scented rice Creamy mushroom pasta with wedge salad Creamy polenta with tempeh sausage, roast tomato, baby kale and parsley Creamy polenta, summer veg, salsa verde Creamy sweet corn chowder with roast tomatillo verde Crispy cauliflower with spicy sesame sauce, ginger spinach and sticky rice Crispy orange tofu with sticky rice, pak choi, broccoli and housemade sweet chili Crispy tofu bowl coconut rice, cherry tomato, basil and sriracha aioli Cuban rice with roast peppers, charred broccoli, eggplant and pickled chili Curried cauliflower and chickpea salad with drunken raisins and pine nuts Curried kumara with chickpeas, cabbage, steamed kale and green curry tahini Curried zucchini fritters with raita, tomato and coriander salad


Dahl with garlic flat breads, basmati, local radish and coriander Dilly stew with rosemary dumplings Drunken noodles


Edamame hummus and tofu wraps with miso roast pumpkin and avocado salad Eggplant and beetroot skewers with chimichurri and potato salad Eggplant katsu with sticky rice, miso beetroot, carrot slaw and curry gravy eggplant unused Ethiopian stew with spiced chickpea pancakes Extreme falafel bowl


Falafel burger with herb aioli and sumac green beans Fennel and potato soup with eggplant caviar and Bellbird sourdough


Gado-gado with Canterbury quinoa, lime, peanut sauce and fermented chili Garam masala parsnip, pear and yam soup with Bellbird sourdough GDT Antipasto Platter GDT bibimbap GDT ramen Ginger, sweet soy eggplant and tofu with sticky rice, lightly pickled vegetables, sriracha mayo and roast peanuts Gochujang broccoli and jackfruit stir fry with bean sprouts and peanuts Green Dinner Table Christmas Feast Green Dinner Table Christmas feast 2017


Harissa lentils with carrots, beetroot and crusted tofu Hot and sour tom yum soup with kaffir lime, turnip, buckwheat noodles and mushrooms


Indian lentil soup with zesty yoghurt and Bellbird bread Indian roast vegetable and wild rice salad with spiked coconut yoghurt


Jackfruit souvlaki with tzatziki, beetroot and roast potatoes Jackfruit tacos with pineapple chutney, creamy slaw and curry fries Jamaican jerk jackfruit wraps Japanese curry bowl with kumara, carrot, curried gravy and pickled ginger Japanese noodle curry Japanese pancake with okonomiyaki sauce, mayo and tomato salad with sesame dressing Jerk cauliflower with creamy potato salad Jerusalem artichoke soup, green olives, sundried tomato garlic bread Jerusalem artichoke, baby carrot, and sorghum salad with walnut dressing, pear, and nigella maple yoghurt Jungle curry with brown rice


Korean BBQ burger with smashed potatoes and gochujang ketchup Kumara and avocado sushi bowl with edamame and tōgarashi mayo Kumara and black bean soup with cumin yoghurt and avocado, lime, mint salsa Kumara and peanut curry with broccoli, basmati rice and peanuts Kumara cashew korma with brown rice Kumara fritter, tahini aioli, braised cabbage Kumara gnocchi, smokey portobellos, Brussels sprout leaves & onion jam Kung pao cauliflower with peanuts and green tea soba noodles


Laksa with crispy tofu, broccoli, lime, bean sprouts and coriander Leek and pea risotto with coconut bacon Leek and potato soup with preserved lemon cream and Vic’s bread Leek mujaddara with tomato, sumac and pinenuts Lemongrass coconut curry with aged Basmati rice Lentil bolognese, rigatoni and parmesan Lentil, beetroot and mint salad with pomegranate molasses and herbed garlic bread Lentil, sundried tomato and mushroom shepherd’s pie with garlicky green beans Lime leaf cauliflower dahl with spinach, brown rice and toasted cashews Linguine puttanesca with rocket and pickled mushroom salad


Mac and cheese, roast mushrooms, peas with collard greens Mango and lemongrass fried rice with toasted cashews Massaman curry with cardamom scented rice Mediterranean kumara with roast chickpeas, parsley, tomato salsa, and tahini Mediterranean pasta salad Mediterranean super salad with shawarma seasoned chickpeas, tzatziki and tabouli Mei goreng – noodle lettuce wraps Mexican loaded nacho wedges with pico de gallo, sour cream and guacamole Mexican quinoa stew with guacamole and coriander Mexican stuffed kumara with whipped avocado and roast tomato salsa Minestrone with Winter pesto Miso eggplant with sticky rice, blistered cherry tomatoes, sesame and pak choi Miso mushroom balls with soy spiked tomato sauce Miso wild rice stuffed kumara with garlic greens Moroccan chickpeas with brown rice, cavolo nero and harissa Moussaka inspired stuffed eggplant with pomegranate dressed greens. Mushroom and tempeh linguine carbonara Mushroom stroganoff with almond mustard cream sauce, green beans and bread and butter pickled celery Mushroom Wellington, hazelnut stuffing, red onion jam and spinach Mushroom, split pea and red wine ragu with mashed potato and charred Brussels sprouts


Naan pizza with garam masala chickpeas, feta, tomato and garlic tahini dressing Nasi goreng with scrambled tofu, tamarind and sweet soy Nourish bowl with brown rice, avocado, cherry tomatoes, beans and sriracha


Organic beetroot, tabouleh and green apple with fresh turmeric yoghurt and dukkah Organic fennel and Swiss chard spaghetti with pepita pesto


Parsnip and pear soup with chili maple and brown bread Pasta fagioli with arrabbiata sauce, lemony borlotti beans, parsley and Parmesan Pho with crispy tofu, Thai basil, coriander and bean sprouts Polenta, Romesco sauce and greens with nuts & seeds Portobello burger with mixed greens, pesto aioli and spiced corn on the cob Portobello burgers with olive aioli, organic greens and dill vinegar chips Portobello steaks with avocado chimichurri and gourmet potatoes Portobello steaks, greens with raspberry vinaigrette, roast potatoes with tomato jam Potato bhajis, chaat masala tomato salad, mango lime chutney Potato cakes, roast tomatoes and scrambled tofu….Breakfast for dinner Pumpernickel & strawberry panzanella with amaranth and edamame Pumpkin and white bean wraps with maple soaked cranberries, Thanksgiving yoghurt Pumpkin mole, baby kale brown rice and blood orange salsa fresca


Quinoa & lentil caesar salad with sundried tomato and avocado


Rainbow bowl with peanut ginger dressing Ranch salad with mini potatoes, smoky crispy chickpeas and green goddess dressing Roast butternut with cheddar and eggplant relish flat breads topped with lemony rocket Roast corn burrito bowl with smashed avocado, spicy kidney beans and brown rice Roast eggplant and tomato spaghetti with capers and rustic walnut pesto Roast mushroom and broccoli aglio e olio with preserved lemon oil and Parmesan Roast mushroom, snow pea risotto with tarragon and parmesan Roast pepper and tomato bisque with almonds and seeded sour dough Roast pepper and tomato linguine with organic mesclun Roast portobello and spinach fettuccine with onion jam and seeded mustard Roast pumpkin aglio e olio with chili almond broccoli Roast pumpkin and black kale risotto with maple glazed pumpkin seeds Roast pumpkin and quinoa Buddha bowl with maple tahini dressing Roast ratatouille with preserved lemon and organic quinoa Roast squash and chickpea salad, figs, hazelnuts and rocket with chai mint yoghurt Roast tofu, tomato, avocado, spinach salad with balsamic soy dressing Roast vegetables with Moroccan couscous and harissa yoghurt Roast zucchini, lentil, cherry tomato and spinach salad with tzatziki and pine nuts Rocket Black Doris pesto with courgette, cherry tomato fettuccine and Parmesan


Salad rolls with South Asian herbs and baby spinach with nouc cham and tomato mango salad Sambar dahl with Bengali potatoes Samosa burrito with roast chickpea and tamarind sauce Samosa soup with tamarind sauce and aloo bhujia Satay winter greens, crunchy slaw and jasmine rice Sausage hash, avocado and chipotle sauce Shakshuka with black olives and cumin rice with roast cauliflower and date salad Sichuan mushroom mapo tofu Sloppy Joes, chili slaw and curry fries Smoky Brinjal with chickpea and zucchini curry, local quinoa and tomato salad Smoky tempeh, hummus protein bowl with GDT hot sauce Soba noodle salad with ginger miso dressing South Asian pumpkin and pineapple curry, rice noodles and devilled cashews Spaghetti and lentilballs, tomato sauce, basil Spaghetti and white bean meatballs with garlic green beans Spaghetti puttanesca in a Shiraz reduction with simple Italian greens Spaghetti squash burrito bowl with sour cream and GDT hot sauce Spaghetti squash chow mein Spiced kumara taco bowl Spicy pad Thai Spinach and mushroom quesadillas with Angel Foods mozzarella, wedges and salsa Spring noodle salad with avocado, hemp seed, sauterkraut and lemon maple dressing Stuffed cannelloni with pesto cream and wild greens Stuffed peppers, potato and rocket salad with avocado dressing Summer salad with couscous, beans, olives, cherry tomatoes and green goddess dressing


Tandoori lentil burger with pickled lime potato salad Tempeh bánh mì with sriracha pâté and pickled vegetables Tempeh kebabs with satay sauce and creamy leek and garlic rice Tempeh lettuce cups with brown rice, hoisin and spiced pumpkin seeds Tempeh meatball sub with Spring Fed organic greens Tempeh spaghetti and meatballs Teriyaki summer skewers, chili cucumber salad Tex-Mex burrito bowl with BBQ hash, bacon mushrooms and guacamole Thai coconut butternut squash soup with Bellbird bread Thai glass noodle salad Thai salad with crispy tofu and broccoli, lime, chili and jasmine rice Thai tempeh and pineapple fried rice with lime leaf infused soy, crushed peanuts, and coriander Thai tofu salad with chili lime dressing and jasmine rice Three mushroom soup – shiitake, button, oyster with oak leaf salad Tofu and mushroom Makhani with Indian pickle and fragrant Basmati rice Tofu saag paneer with local kale and basmati rice Tomato and borlotti bean soup with sundried tomato garlic bread and hazelnut dukkah Tomato and mango salad with Jerk tofu and basil Tortilla casserole with black beans, mushrooms and coriander Tortilla soup with avocado, chipotle sour cream, coriander and crispy corn chips Tuscan tomato and chickpea stew with ripped bread Twin bean enchiladas with sour cream and pickled jalapeños


Veg sushi bowl with wasabi mayo and toasted sesame


Walnut and olive tapenade pasta with seared Brussels sprouts and cherry tomatoes West African peanut stew with organic silverbeet and brown rice White bean, tomato, asparagus salad with preserved lemon tahini and sumac croutons White bean, tomato,basil & zucchini pizza Whole roast cauliflower, orange couscous and dukkah Wild rice super salad, zatar, Lebansese breads and baba ganoush Winter bowl with roast pumpkin, sauerkraut, avocado, Swiss chard and almond ranch salad


Yellow dahl and basmati rice with garlic spinach and stuffed paratha


Zucchini basil soup with crème fraîche and focaccia Zucchini minted pea fritters with sour cream and Logan’s green salad